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Charmer's Caldara down

Fhayte_Atrocity, Mar 9, 11 5:36 AM.
A few people are nearing the cap. Grats to Cyph as first 50 in guild! 

Lantern Hook down

Fhayte_Atrocity, Mar 7, 11 5:04 PM.
Nearing the end. 5 levels left. Lantern Hook down and probably my favorite dungeon so far. Cant wait to see the last few.

Runic Descent down

Fhayte_Atrocity, Mar 6, 11 9:13 PM.
Totally forgot to take a picture of the boss down, so you'll have to deal with a SC inside the instance. Very close to cap. Raiding hopefully begins within the next 2-3 weeks!

King's Breach down

Fhayte_Atrocity, Mar 5, 11 9:26 AM.
King's Breach is down over halfway to cap. Thanks to Ashs for picture.

Foul Cascade down!

Fhayte_Atrocity, Mar 1, 11 9:12 AM.
FC is down and it was pretty faceroll. I thought DSM was harder. 4 Hour maintenance tonight to prepare for retail launch tomorrow. I just hope there wont be some 4hr queue to get into the game as well.

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